GoldenCoin Mining

Our Goldencoin miners start mining with our software and it issued a certain number of Goldencoin in exchange. This provides a balanced buying selling Volume to exchange. Mining is an important and integral part that ensures fairness and keeping the Goldencoin network safe and stable.

How Goldcoin

GoldenCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger, which unlike those of traditional banks is viewable and easily.

Mining works

People from all around the world have worked tirelessly to make BlackCoin a top altcoin since its inception in 2017.

Easy & Safe

GoldenCoin is the first GoldenCoin that is easy to mine, trade and use. No complicated hardware or advanced knowledge is needed.

The centralized model protects its members' safety and ensures compliance on AML. GoldenCoin is the first GoldenCoin that audits its block chain.

Easy and Safe Mining
Transparent Mining


We are open and honest in our dealings. By being the first GoldenCoin storing KYC documents in its new blockchain, we set a new industry standard. Hence GoldenCoin makes GoldenCoin transparent and a part of our financial culture and everyday life.

By working proactively with governments and policymakers, GoldenCoin helps the industry achieve better regulation.


GoldenCoin empowers millions of people by providing borderless, low-cost financial transactions and connecting them to the financial world.

GoldenCoin has developed a loyal, global customer base of millions of people in over 195 countries and six continents.

Global Mining


Our vision is to become the number one GoldenCoin in terms of market capitalization, usability and number of users. GoldenCoin aims to grant access to financial services to everyone by providing educational tools and simplifying and demystifying GoldenCoin.

A global company, GoldenCoin makes it possible for its millions of users to make easier and faster payments around the globe.


GoldenCoin aims to provide quick, low-cost, borderless transactions and financial services to everyone. Wherever you are. Whoever you are.

borderless transactions and financial services
Powerful Blockchain

Powerful Blockchain

All transactions and mined coins are recorded on the powerful GoldenCoin blockchain. Our blockchain has a limited supply of 200 million (GoldenCoins), meaning that no more than 200 million can be mined. Tailored for future-proof mass transactions.

GoldenCoin uses one of the most advanced technologies and is able to process more transactions than any competitor. The GoldenCoin blockchain runs every minute and is designed to accommodate merchant needs.