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Simpler form of currency- GoldenCoin

Now a day’s each business or technology is focusing to deliver results swiftly and effectively. And world of currency is no exception.

To accomplish this world of currency is constantly updating and hence it is also witnessing dramatic changes.

However, not all such changes proved monumental, but few crucial changes surely transformed the world of currency. One such crucial change is the transformation of fiat currency into cryptocurrency.

The driving force behind this currency ‘change’ or more precisely ‘evolution’ is the quest to give user the best possible experience.

And if we closely analyze this ‘evolution’ then it is actually a ‘reverse evolution’. I understand in first go this seems a pretty strange analysis.

Let me cast spotlight over this!

Evolution fundamentally means advancement from a simpler form to some abstruse form. Right!

But in this case the scenario is totally different. Currency certainly has evolved but not into an abstruse form. In fact, with digitization it has evolved into a much simpler form.

To comprehend this in a better way first let’s have a brief look at the journey of currency.

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This journey of currency commenced with the barter system in which people simply exchange goods without involving any sort of money or cash.

With the time precious metals like gold, silver and bronze etc. came in the picture and people used these to buy goods or avail services.

Later on, for the ease of transactions these precious metals were gradually replaced by paper money. Now, with each step in the journey the system became more and more abstruse.

Now, crypto currency off course is the latest step or evolved form of this journey, but with an exception that is instead of evolving into something more complex it has become simpler.

Now, let’s come to the basic question raised above i.e. how digital currency is a simpler form compared to a fiat currency?

To answer this question here I am summarizing significant high points of digital currency that makes it a simpler currency as compared to a fiat currency:

  • Runs on a unique open source cutting edge technology
  • Completely a decentralized platform
  • Ensures peer to peer transactions
  • Free from middleman interferences
  • Immutable digital record
  • 24X7 availability
  • High digital earnings
  • Trifling transactional fee
  • Saves time and taxes

Now, don’t you feel from a simple barter system to precious metal coins, paper money and now virtual currency which again is a simpler form, is a clear evidence of ‘reverse evolution’ that is effectively  happening in journey of currency. It is indeed a apparent evidence!

This is certainly not the end! The world of virtual money holds much more possibilities. To get insights about these possibilities stay tuned!

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